The Big Split, Alternative to the Big Ban, Einstein demystified

The Big Split, Alternative to the Big Ban, Einstein demystified
Lomer Pilote


In this book, the author describes the framework of his universal subject residing in the spiritual dimension inhabited by Freud’s two unconsciouses and three of his own. He constructs a scientific theory of the global cosmos that reveals the connection between the terrestrial subject and the creator of the universe and it’s two infinities.


Lomer Pilote is an octogenarian, currently retired from two careers in surgery and law. As he approached his retirement, now more than twenty years ago, he realized that he had lost the Judeo-Christian faith of his upbringing. He found no suitable spiritual substitute; his research left him convinced that modern science was full of holes and that the scientific community was deliberately trying to pull the wool over his eyes. He felt lost, unable to navigate what appeared to be a spiritual void. But with optimistic determination, he launched into a journey of research and reflection that would ultimately return meaning to a life of new spirituality. Unsatisfied by the Big Bang, he turned away from Einstein’s error-plagued Theory of Relativity and sought an alternative model rooted in solid mathematics.

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The Big Split, Alternative to the Big Ban, Einstein demystified
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